Leader’s Oration

The development of science and technology has brought about numerous opportunities as well as challenges for high tech enterprises. In seizing opportunities and confronting challenges, Chengdu Sepmem Science & Technology Co., Ltd has realized a healthy and rapid development in the past few years and has well established its position in the domestic market as a new leader in the fields of C1 chemical engineering & technology, industrial gas equipment manufacture, gas separation & purification, and natural gas processing & treatment.   
        In appearance, market competition is competition among enterprises; while in essence, it is competition of human resources, of concepts. Over the years, we have been firmly committed to our tenet of “providing not only state-of-the-art technologies but also optimum benefit and powerful development motive” and, through strengthening the company’s comprehensive competitiveness of “technology plus financial strength”, have achieved exceptional results in such aspects as operation scale, core competitiveness, performance, growth rate and public image. As the general manager, I am deeply aware that in the journey of pursuing the ideal I am not alone but accompanied by all the staff members of the company, who share the same ideal and strive for it with their full devotion and dedication. -These enthusiastic and brilliant staff, with their talents and endeavors, have laid a solid foundation for Sepmem’s success. Will new missions placed on our shoulders, we are marching on a journey toward an even brighter future.
        I avail this opportunity to thank all other enterprises that have given help and support to our enterprise. We will make persistent efforts and scale new heights.